Every woman deserves Jewellery that starts conversations.

Do Antiques........

  • Give you goosebumps?

  • Make you feel an unexplainable connection?

  • Have you day dreaming about their past lives?

Then, you seriously need to take a look at my shop.

I've always had a passion for antiques and more recently, vintage treasures. That's why I began transforming pieces of the past into keepsakes for the future.

I started traveling the world 25 years ago.  I'll never forget the antique ring I bought on my first overseas trip.  It's certainly not one of my most beautiful pieces, but there was something about it's worn, scratched, chipped and dented appearance that drew me in.  That ring had lived and it had the scars to prove it!

In 2010, my husband and I were motorhoming through Europe when an antique store just outside of Lyon, France, grabbed my attention.

This, my friend, was the beginning of my love affair with French antique buttons!

There was a rusty old tin with a bunch of buttons inside, all tied together with string.  The feeling I got from holding these buttons was so strange.  I put them back and contiued looking around the shop.

Just as we were about to leave, I went back to that rusty tin and looked at the buttons again.  

When the store owner saw me go back for a second time, he must have thought I needed an explaination.

It turns out that 6 of the buttons in this bunch were from his Great Grandfather's WWI military coat.   Apparently the French Government issued every solider with one.  His Mother saved the buttons from the coat as it had started to perish and so, these buttons were the only thing left. 

He also gave me details on some others in that bunch, which left me fascinated and wanting more!

Being a fully qualified Goldsmith, I knew I could incorporate these forgotten, but oh so alluring little treasures of history, into Jewellery to be loved by women like you.

Did I buy those buttons?????

Of course I did!  There was no way I was leaving that store without them.

In 2014, me, my husband and our two dogs moved from Australia to France.  Yup, one hell of a change.  I set up my own Jewellery business and home studio, so that I could contiue to do what I love.

Most of my weekends are now spent going to antique and vintage fairs in local villages surrounding my home.  Finding antique and vintage buttons is so much fun, but the best bit is getting the history from the person selling them.  

I carry a notebook now, so I don't forget or get confused by the story behind each button.  

Besides the history, the intricate details of the buttons and the challenge of transforming tarnished, rusted, scratched and dented old buttons into something to be admired, there is also a conscious feeling of satisfaction from knowing that I am not adding to over consumerism, but I'm actually doing something to reduce it by repurposing these buttons.  

I didn't want to stop there though, so now, I also use recycled Gold and Sterling Silver wherever possible.  No, don't worry, it doesn't change the value of the metals.  They're still exactly the same.  It just means there's less impact on the environment.  

Hey,  thanks for stopping by and looking at what I do.  I hope you've enjoyed a moment to yourself, where you've discovered not all Jewellery needs to look the same and maybe you have a new appreciation for these little pieces of wearable history.

Au Revoir,

I wonder whether they were a gift from an admirer or perhaps a treasure passed down from Mother to Daughter.   As a jeweller I also think about the person that created the piece.  Who were they and what inspired them?

When I started Porsha Bella Jewellery,  I had a very clear focus on wanting to create something unique and truly beautiful from something old, with a story to tell.  

It would bring me so much pleasure to have you, my client, dream about the life these pieces had before they came to be yours.  

I want to create keepsakes that will have the children in your life looking at wide eyed as you explain the history of the piece and what drew you to it.

I want YOUR story to be added to a piece that speaks to you.  A keepsake that you can pass down through the generations.

My hope is that each time you wear one of my creations, you feel a certain connection to it.  Something deep and unexplainable that draws you in and makes you feel love, happiness, and a sense of perfection within the imperfection.

Your jewellery journey begins with a piece of wearable history by ..

Porsha Bella