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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



Would you have normally been away somewhere exciting for your annual holidays, or at the very least, be in the planning stages of your upcoming holiday?

Right now it's such a difficult time for travellers like you and me.  Not knowing when we can get back to places we love, or visit new places we've been dreaming about seeing for the first time.

I know this doesn't fully solve that yearning for travel, but owning a little piece of French history that you can wear whenever you start to feel a bit flat and down about not jumping on a plane to a far off destination may just ease that feeling.

Are floral themes something you love?  This gorgeous Antique button has the prettiest floral design.  Have you ever had trouble deciding between wearing a bangle or bracelet?  No need to decide anymore with this piece.

Whilst I was looking at this button on my jewellery bench, it really had a feminine feel to it.  I felt I needed to create a more feminine vintage setting to showcase the intricate design of this button.  I hand crafted the bezel setting in 100% genuine solid sterling silver.  I have added a sterling silver beaded edge to the setting and continued that theme onto the bale.  The button is like an open filigree design.  The floral design is just so detailed and delicate.  It really is a beautiful button.  Although the button does not have the markers marque, so dating it is a little more difficult, by the design and the way that it is not perfect, shows that it was most likely hand made.  This design was very, very popular during the Victorian era when floral embossed buttons were much sought after.  So it is most likely that this button dates from between the 1890's to the early 1900's.

I wanted to accent this button with a different link design, so I have hand crafted 3 larger square links with tiny floral patterns inside the links.  These 3 links set the bracelet apart from the round links I've added in-between.  Every link has been hand soldered closed except for the 1 safety link closest to the bangle end.  

The charm is not removable, it has been soldered onto a link that balances the piece so that the bangle sits perfectly on the wrist line without spinning.    The bangle has also been hand crafted in genuine solid sterling silver.

This piece is just so easy to wear and very comfortable.  

The total length is 7 1/2" / 190mm.  The button charm is 1" / 25mm diameter.

This really is a one of a kind creation and can be yours with easy International shipping, straight to your door.

Your jewellery journey begins with a piece of wearable history.... created by Porsha Bella Jewellery.