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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



If you love chunky bracelets with really different links, then this is the bracelet you've been looking for!


This bracelet is chunky and heavy.  Each link has been individually hand crafted, using 100% recycled, solid Sterling Silver.  No, Recycled sterling silver is exactly the same as non recycled, it means the process used to create it is much better for the environment.  The larger links have a highly polished finish and measure 25mm in diameter.  The smaller joining links have had a pattern, hand applied, and have been blackened to enable to texture of the pattern to stand out more.  These smaller links measure 20mm in diameter.

The clasp has also been hand crafted in solid sterling silver.  It is known as an S clasp.  I really like these, as they are very secure, but they are easier to put on and take off by yourself.


Now, the exciting part is the button charm.  This button is a French antique button.  Floral embossed buttons were really popular in the latter part of the Victorian era (1890-1900).  I particularly loved this one because of the patina the button naturally has.  It has a silver sheen on the background, but the flowers are raised and more 3 dimensional.  They are blackened, either naturally or this has happened over time.  Either way, I was careful to not disturb the look of the button, as I love the look it has.

The lady I purchased this button from in an antique store near Lyon, said it would have been a button from a very stylish dress during that time.  Firstly, only the more wealthy could afford clothing with metal buttons, but to have something so in vogue would have meant some amount of money would have been involved.  Buttons were often times a symbol of wealth without having to say a word.  Just by seeing the buttons that adorned ladies dresses and mens coats, people knew more about the wearer than words could have expressed.

Whilst I'm working with these pieces of French history, I often wonder about the original owner.  What did they look like?  Where did they live?  What kind of life did they have?  I'm always fascinated by these buttons.

Now it's possible for you to add your story to them.  So many of my clients have emailed me to say they get a "sense" when their little piece of wearable history arrives and they put it on for the first time.  I know exactly what they mean.  I often have a connection or get a sense from certain buttons that I work with.  It's a magical feeling.  Something, I believe can only come from something old, with a history, something with a previous life.

Grab you're very own piece of wearable history and let your jewellery journey begin...... with Porsha Bella Jewellery.


** The bracelet measures 8.5" / 210mm in length, but please email me if you would like me to adjust the size to fit you properly.