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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



A French antique button featuring 3 entwined hearts could be the perfect way to remind you of those special people in your life.  It could be the symbol of you, your partner and your child, or perhaps you and your parents, or your 3 children.

This French button dates back to the Victorian era (late 1800's), so it's a genuine French antique.  It has been crafted in brass, but has then had a silver finish and then given a black patina effect on the front of the button.

The button is textured and the 3 hearts join in the centre of the button.  It is such a sweet little button and one of the smallest buttons I have used so far.  It measures 3/4" in diameter.

I have fully bezel set the button in a solid sterling silver rub over setting and then added a lovely patterned wire edge to give the charm more substance.

Personally, I love the way so many antique jewellery pieces came with fobs, so I just had to add one to this charm.  The fob and chain are also solid sterling silver.   The fob hangs just below the button charm.

The charm is removable with the help of the full swivel Albert clasp, so you can add this charm and fob to one of your other bracelets of a necklace.

The bracelet is also hand crafted in my French workshop, using recycled sterling silver.  Don't worry, that doesn't de-value the silver at all, it just lessens the impact on our planet by re-using existing materials.

All of the links have been soldered closed, so that adds to the structural integrity of the bracelet and allows it to be more secure on your wrist.


The button charm hangs really nicely from the bracelet so as it give it a bit of interest instead of just a plain bracelet.  This is a completely unique piece and a one of a kind.


The total length of the bracelet is 6" or 170mm.

Your jewellery journey begins with a piece of wearable French history created by Porsha Bella Jewellery.