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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



Have you every imagined what life was like in the Middle Ages?

Do antiques from the 15th century interest you?

Then these French antique buttons that feature the most noble of knights will certainly give you a feeling of the 15th century.

I was lucky enough to source 8 of these buttons from an older man selling them at the local village market.  I saw a clump of buttons tied together with a piece of string, inside a rusty old tin.  I picked them up and felt a strange feeling wash over me.   Not a bad feeling or a good feeling, but just a feeling.  I put the buttons back into the tin & continued looking at the rest of his display.      

Something drew me back to that rusty old tin and I had to look at the buttons again, but this time, I really looked at them.  The kind looking French man said they were from his Grandfathers WW1 French military coat. The coat was French government issued to all soldiers.  Fascinated, I asked if his Grandfather had survived?  With a huge smile he replied "Ah mais oui" (ah but yes), he lived a long, happy, healthy life and "went to sleep", the French way of saying died, in his late 80's.

His Grandfather's military coat was so badly perished, that this man's Mother cut all the buttons off and threw away the coat.  She put all eight of them into that old tin & there they have remained, until his Mother went to sleep and now they are his, but he would like them to go to someone who would appreciate them.

When I explained what I did with French Antique and vintage buttons, he was so happy.  He loved the idea of his Grandfathers coat buttons being worn again in a beautiful way.  Well, how could I resist buying all eight of the buttons.

The buttons have been made by the famous Parisien makers Maurice Bourbon & are VERY rare. They are dated to the early 1900's, making these buttons over 100 years old.

I have chosen 2 from the set to create these beautiful earrings.

The buttons have been reverse bezel set into solid Sterling silver with large Sterling silver shepherd ear hooks.  I have left the back of the bezel open so you are able to see the buttons original makers marque.  I only use genuine, precious metals.  These are not silver plated.  They are 100% solid sterling silver.

These earrings are just so special and rare. They are definitely a piece of classic French history.   Can you imagine the conversations you will start by wearing these truly one of a kind pair of earrings?

Porsha Bella Jewellery.... "creating pieces of wearable history".