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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



Do you like an earring that’s simple enough to wear during the day, but elegant enough to wear with a gorgeous evening outfit?

Do you often find yourself looking for stud earrings that are not boring, stock standard off the shelf, but end up disappointed?

Do you feel stud earrings frame your face better than dangling earrings?


Then maybe these gorgeous earrings are just what you’ve been looking for.  Whilst these earrings look solid, they are light weight and comfortable.  They don't tend to drag on your earlobe.  I have soldered the posts to the top, outer edge of the round bezel to aid in preventing the earring drooping forward.

As you can see by the pictures showing the earring size and measurements, these are not too big, but will still be noticeable.

The vintage buttons are dated in the late 50’s, early 60’s and are made in brass.  The filigree pattern is like lace, they are just so lovely.  I felt the buttons didn’t need any frills or anything that took away from their beauty, so I have bezel set them in solid Sterling Silver (925).

The ear posts and the butterfly back are also solid Sterling Silver. As with all of my jewelry, these are a one of a kind, so don’t hesitate... add them to your cart today.


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