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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



Imagine wearing a cuff that once served as a napkin ring, placed perfectly on a exquisite French dining room table.  Well now you can, with this simple, elegant, silver plated, French antique napkin Ring.

Did maids polish this before each use?  Did noble folks acknowledge the fine details when they removed their napkin from it's binding? Ahh, to wonder the life this napkin ring had before it came to be a cuff around your wrist.

 I have transformed this tarnished, dented and discarded old piece of history, into a unique open cuff.  It is malleable enough to open or close, so is suitable for a variety of wrist sizes.

The metal is most likely brass that has been heavily silver plated.  The delicate vine pattern has been done from the inside out, so it's raised, which adds a lovely texture to the cuff.

It's comfortable to wear everyday, or special enough to wear for those occasions when you just want one statement jewellery piece.