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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



Finding vintage YSL buttons is not an easy task.  For reasons I'm not sure of, they are extremely rare.  So when the opportunity presented itself and I was alerted to a few 1960's Yves Saint Laurent buttons being available, I grabbed them!

When I saw them, it really was love at first sight.  They speak to me, as they are big, bold and very classy.  I love the gold glittery background against the black of the button.  I love the logo being in gold with the S having a double snake head.  I love the logo letters made to look like snake skin, oh so YSL.

This button was from the first lady's tuxedo jacket designed by Yves Saint Laurent.  A huge design gamble for the 1960's, but it turned out to be a success and YSL went on to become known for their lady's tuxedo jackets.

Due to the size of the button, I knew this had to become a stand alone pendant.  It's also the first "cut away" bezel setting in my range.  I had to do this because the top of the Y and the bottom of the L form part of the outer edge of the button.  If I had done my usual full bezel setting, then these would have been covered & that my friend was not acceptable!  So I designed a slightly offset open bezel on the top and bottom of the button.

No need to worry though, the button is still very securely held in by the bezel on the sides, it's not going anywhere.

I have added a beaded edge to the bezel to tie in the snake skin print of the button itself.  The bail is also large so that you can wear this with your existing chains, beads or pearls.

If you love designer vintage and you love statement jewellery, then you really can't go wrong with this piece.

Of course it has been fully hand crafted using solid sterling silver & traditional Goldsmith techniques.

Your jewellery journey begins with a piece of wearable history, crafted by.... Porsha Bella Jewellery.

**** Please note, the YSL pendant is for sale only.  The necklaces are for styling purposes and are not for sale ***