Don't you just love the impact of black and gold?  It's so rich and easy to team with anything.

This button is from the late 1960's and was once worn on a lovely Chanel woollen cardigan.  I have no information of the colour this cardigan was, because unfortunately the buttons were the only thing that survived after this many years.  To be honest, this button is in near perfect condition.

I didn't feel the button needed any fanfare, so I've hand crafted a very simple and understated setting.  Of course, it's solid sterling silver.  This pendant also comes with this beautiful sterling silver neck chain.  

The metal button has a black enamel front with raised gold lines and the famous double C logo.

I can see this easily being an everyday necklace and pendant.  It's a 50cm chain, so it sits perfectly on the neckline.

Your jewellery journey begins, with a piece of hand crafted wearable history, by Porsha Bella.