Hand Made In France "Audrey" French Antique Art Deco Button Pendant A genuine piece of French Art Deco history... Product #: PB040720 Regular price: $584.00 $584.00
By Sarah: Hand Made In France




This piece is the most expensive antique button creation I've ever made.

Not only is the chain heavy, 100% hand crafted and solid, so therefore there is a lot of Sterling Silver involved, but the antique French Art Deco button is so rare, it came with a rather hefty price tag.

I have been searching for so long for the perfect representation of French antique Art Deco and let me tell you, it is not easy to come by!

 Every button I have found from the Art Deco period was either in really poor condition or just didn't have that wow factor that Art Deco is so well known for.  Then I happened upon this button.  I didn't care that it was expensive, it is in perfect condition and is the epitome of Art Deco.

 From the striking black and gold, to the symmetry of the geometric design, it's a stand alone button.

I knew this button was going to have to be something pretty special, so I worked on many different designs before I settled upon what it is today.  I have set the button in a solid, recycled Sterling Silver bezel setting, but to enhance the gold in the button, I have added a simple, yet effective gold bead around the base of the setting.  I didn't want this to be just a stand alone pendant, I wanted it to be a complete piece of jewellery for you, so I hand crafted the very chunky, bar link necklace to really showcase the whole design.

The necklace is also made from heavy, solid, recycled sterling silver.   Because of the bail design, it is possible to remove the button pendant and just wear the necklace alone or add an existing pendant to the necklace as your mood changes.

The button itself is dated to the early 1920's when Art Deco was really in it's prime.  Art Deco was first seen in France in 1914, but was not really a design factor that took off until after the end of the First World War.  Historians believe this design concept was popular due to the symmetry, structure, and order that it represented.  After the devastation of the war, people needed to see structure and order return to their lives.  Some even said, Art Deco brought about a sense of hope in such an uncertain time in history.  Apparently when we look at things that have complete symmetry and bold geometric lines and shapes, it brings a sense of calm to the chemicals in our brains.  Wow, who'd of thought that something so simple could carry such a significant meaning?

Maybe 2020 being the devastating year that it has been, is the right time to be re-introducing Art Deco into our lives?  I'm sure we could all use some calm and a sense of hope.

 As with all of my pieces, this necklace and pendant has been totally hand crafted, using traditional Goldsmith techniques.  It is the only button I have like this and is therefore a one of a kind.  I feel quite confident that you won't see anything like this again.

Your jewellery journey begins with a piece of wearable history, hand crafted by Porsha Bella Jewellery.