This French Antique Mother of Pearl Button certainly does make a beautiful, feminine statement pendant.

These buttons were made in the 1930's in Paris by Depose.  I have purposely left the back of the bezel open so the original makers marque is still visible.  Having markers marques on buttons adds to their value, rarity and desirability.

This is another of the buttons I aquired from that lovely, classically French lady I met, whom I will never forget.  Foraging through her late Mothers button collection was such a surreal experience for me.  This lady was really the first French person I had encountered since I moved to France, who I could have spent the entire day and right through to the evening with.  She had be spellbound.

I guessed she was in her early 80's, but she still kept herself looking impeccable.  From her wrinkled fair skin that contrasted beautifully with her blood red lipstick and long silver hair.  She wore a twin set with a just below the knee skirt, stockings, Mary Jane shoes and she even had a set of pearls around her neck.  Topped off with a full length fur coat.  She still smoked and used her vintage 1940's cigarette holder.

All of her late Mothers button collection dates from the early 1800's to the mid 1950's.  Although her Mother was a seamstress in Paris, she started collecting buttons before she started working in the fashion industry.

I was lucky enough to get a matching pair of these buttons, that would have been used on a coat to adorn the side lapels.  These buttons were not functional, their purpose more ornamental.  

I have set this button in a fancy Sterling Silver claw setting so that as much of this gorgeous button is as visible as possible.  The button is brass overlay with a Mother of Pearl centre, so I added a large brass bail to tie in the two tone effect.

This pendant comes complete with a gold and blush toned vintage beaded necklace that is 40cm in length.  There is no clasp on the beads, it just slips over your head & is designed to be worn long.

If you love statement necklaces, but like to keep it feminine and elegant, then this piece is for you.  As with all my Porsha Bella Jewellery pieces, this is completely hand crafted using only 100% recycled Sterling Silver & a touch of Brass in this case.  Nothing is glued. Only traditional metalsmith methods are used.

Porsha Bella Jewellery....... creating pieces of wearable history.

*please keep in mind that with all things old, there are some small signs of age.  I think this just adds to the beauty of the piece.