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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



The Victorian era is well known for it's obsession with floral embossed buttons.  I've seen many examples of these stunning pieces of feminine art, but I've never seen one that has been enamelled.


This button is so unusual in the fact that it is curved inwards, but the floral rose embossed pattern is 3 dimensional.  It as a lovely texture.  The thing that really attracted me to this button is the unusual enamelled finish.  The colour is a really deep blue/purple, but over the wear and tear of time, the enamel has started to thin and you can see the original brass of the button coming through, which throws a lovely yellow gold throughout the button, particularly on the high points of the flowers.


The button is from the late 1800's and would have been originally used as a statement closure button on high ruffled collar lady's blouse.   I can just picture this in my mind as the antique dealer was giving me the history.  Can you?  Now imagine, 100+ years later, and it's a statement making pendant hanging around your neck.


The button has been transformed into the centrepiece of this pendant, with a gentle patterned sterling silver edge.


 **Please note, this is the pendant only.  The necklace shown is purely for display purposes.