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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



Just imagine how incredible it will feel to be wearing a button that was once worn on the military issued uniform belonging to a young Italian solider from WWI?

The stories this button could tell.  Stories of tragedy and tales of remarkable bravery and human resilience.  Doesn't it give you goose bumps?

This button does date back to the early 1900's, so it's well over 100 years old and makes it a genuine antique.

The front of the button is in remarkably good condition considering it's age.  There are some slight marks on the black enamel.  Unfortunately though, the back of these buttons did not fair so well.  Usually I have an open back to the settings, but with this button, it was best to encase the entire button in the solid recycled sterling silver setting.

I have set this button in a low, plain bezel with a textured base.  The oval front of the ring has been given a textured finished with a small hammer, as it just didn't look right being all shiny and new looking.  The back of the oval has also been textured, so it's more of a satin finish than a high polish.

The band is nice and wide, measuring 10mm in width and 1mm in thickness.

The starkness of the black enamel with the gold crown, against the silver just make the button really stand out.

Now you have no excuses not to wear your crown everyday!

As with all my creations, this is a one of a kind, hand crafted using traditional Goldsmith techniques.  I use recycled solid sterling silver, which is still 925 and still has the same value and properties as brand new sterling silver.  Recycled just means I am doing my bit to lower the impact on our precious environment.

This ring is designed to be worn on any finger you fancy.

Size R 1/2 - UK, AUST, NZ

Size 9 - USA, CANADA

Size 59.5 - France.


Your jewellery journey begins with a piece of wearable history, hand crafted by Porsha Bella Jewellery.