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By Sarah: Hand Made In France




I once met a gorgeous older French lady, who is a friend of one of my neighbours.  These were the early days of me living in France, so my French was basic at best.  Fortunately my friend was able to translate most of the conversation for me.

It turned out that this lady was a seamstress for one of the high end fashion houses, which she was reluctant to reveal which one.  To this day, I often wonder why she felt unable to reveal which one?  Anyway she worked in Paris during the 1950's until the 1970's.  She told me that often times when the fashion house ended a line, the fabrics, laces and buttons were often times given to the top seamstresses by way of thanks for their hard work.

Apparently, this lady had so much designer fabric and buttons in her attic, it would send any vintage fashionista into a total spin.  I was never invited to see this for myself unfortunately.  

One day, I had a little envelope in my mail box & inside were these 3 buttons, with a note saying how she enjoyed meeting me & she wanted me to have these to create something to bring them back to life.  I was so touched and honoured to do something really special with all 3 of them.  What a beautiful gift.   I contacted her to thank her and through my friend who spoke for me, I was able to find out these buttons were produced in Paris post war to bring glamour back into French fashion.  So they are estimated to being around the 1950's.

I cannot say the little gem in the centre is genuine turquoise, but it does certainly resemble turquoise.  I think the style would easily compliment a variety of jewellery styles.  It's boho, modern & antique all mixed together.

The setting is SOLID Sterling silver (925).  The bezel is thick and sturdy and the shank/band is also very chunky embossed Sterling silver.  The entire ring has been hand crafted, no castings.

I love transforming these forgotten treasures into pieces of wearable history to be enjoyed by a new generation.  It's like they get to have "their moment" again.

The button measures 19mm in diameter and 8mm high on the finger line.  The shank/band is 6mm in width & 2mm thick.

If you love a matching Jewellery set, then I also have a pair of earrings listed that feature the same button.  You’ll find these with a full description and an offer if you want to purchase them together with this ring.


Size..... I 1/2 (Aust/UK/NZ, size 4 1/2 (USA/Can), size 48 (France)

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