Hand Made In France "Marie" Vintage Parisien 1920's mother of pearl ring Vintage mother of pearl button ring.  Set in Sterling Silver (925).. Product #: f1920v Regular price: $175.00 $175.00
By Sarah: Hand Made In France



I had the most beautiful encounter with such a glamorous older French lady, the day I bought some buttons from her.  

She spoke English with the most delightful French accent.  Her voice, deep and raspy after years of smoking.  She still used a long cigarette holder from the 1920's.  She was wearing a fur coat and her long silver hair was in the neatest chignon.  Her lipstick was such a deep red, her lips looked stained from years of wearing her signature colour.  She had a style and grace about her that I have never forgotten.  She even wore Chanel number 5.

She had a large number of vintage and antique buttons she was selling in an outdoor market.  She had saved them from her Mother's collection.  She told me her Mother had worked as a seamstress in Paris before and after the First World War.  This lady told me so many stories of being a little girl and going to the factories with her Mother.  She recalled it being a magical place of colour, fabric and the noise of the machines going.

This button grabbed my attention immediately.  The intricate brass pattern layering the mother of pearl is just something to be seen.  

The button is from the 1920's and would have been a ladies jacket button.  I imagined it being on a fitted jacket, cinched in at the waist to accentuate the female form.

I have bezel set the button in solid recycled Sterling silver with an open back.

In keeping with the feminine French style I have crafted the shank/band to feature a small floral design. The shank measures 5mm in width and is 2mm thick.

Sometimes these larger settings tend to flip on the finger, so I have made the shank/band slightly more square than round to avoid it flipping which makes the ring much more comfortable. Vintage mother of pearl buttons are making a huge comeback and after seeing this gorgeous ring for yourself, you can see why.

This ring is so unique, that you will never see another one the same as this.

It is a one of a kind and is only available in size 4 1/4 (US & CAN),  size H 1/2 (UK, AUS & NZ), size 47.4 (France)

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