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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



Can you imagine owning a piece of vintage designer history, that you can wear everyday?


I was fortunate enough to meet a lady who inherited her Mother's vintage button collection.  She told me, her Mother was a fashion buyer for 40 years, and she worked with many of the famous French and Italian fashion houses.  Her Mothers love of buttons started in the 1930's and continued throughout her time in the fashion industry.


These Dior buttons are from the 1940's.  They are pressed aluminium and have been powdercoated with a matt black finish.  The word Dior has been made in brass.  The contrast of black and gold has always been so classic and luxurious.

I have hand set these in individually hand crafted settings, using recycled solid sterling silver.  The buttons are secure in their setting, much like a gemstone would be in the same kind of setting.  I use only tradtional Goldsmith techniques with all the pieces I craft.  I've also added a bead of 9ct yellow gold around the edge of the setting to compliment the gold tone of the Dior word.  These earrings are for pierced ears, by way of a hook that also has a secure closure.  The ear hook is also sterling silver.


These are unfortunately a one of a kind pair of earrings.  I'm not certain I can order another pair of these buttons, as I understood these to be the last 2 of this kind.


Your jewellery journey begins, with a piece of hand crafted wearable history.  Made especially for you, by Porsha Bella Jewellery.