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By Sarah: Hand Made In France




How special are these?

Originally from the late 1940's and made for a Chanel ladies woollen coat, these buttons are unlike any I've seen before.

Post WW2, the French fashion houses wanted to bring some joy, colour and style back to a country that had been devastated by war for so many years.  So the winter of 1947 saw the catwalks brimming with full length woollen coats and tailored jackets, highlighted by colourful buttons.

I bought these from a lady in Paris, who's Mother was a keen designer button collector, but what makes these buttons so special is that they are actually from the Chanel coat her Mother owned.  I love that!

The salmon pink is almost iridescent, and it just glimmers as soon as the light hits it, which you'll see in some of the photos.  Don't you love the see through middle of the button, with just those iconic double C's being the centre point?

I didn't want to cover up too much of that pink glimmer, so I made the setting just a subtle edge of silver to encase the button securely.  Of course, the back of the setting is open to show off the original button, but I added a little touch of something special with the floral mounting point for the ear hoops.  I've chosen full circular ear hoops for these buttons as I think it just works so well.  They add a different dimension than standard French wires.  The hoops are also sterling silver.

As with all my creations, these earrings are genuine vintage Chanel, repurposed into a one of a kind pair of earrings, using solid sterling silver and hand crafted using traditional Goldsmith techniques.  These earrings have been crafted for a lifetime, not for a season.  

You'll be able to wear these all year round, day or night, without fear of them ever going out of style.  Although they are substantial, they aren't too heavy due to the hollow centre and the lighter silver setting I've used.  I was mindful or this being a factor due to the size of the button.  Let's face it, no one enjoys wearing earrings that pull on your lobes after 1/2 an hour of putting them on.  I feel quite certain you'll be comfortable in these.


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