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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



Please say hello to Darcy.

 This piece is very much a stand alone, one of a kind.  I have never seen a Vintage Chanel Button like this.  It's from the early 1950's and was once worn on a pair of ladies tailored trousers.  This button was the waistband closure button.  Imagine the type of lady who once worn this button.  I wonder if the trousers were black or white or perhaps a totally opposing colour.

I just love the classic, clean crispness of black and white and it makes it so easy to pair these colours with most of the pieces in your wardrobe.  The bold double C's and the statement brand of Chanel make this a truely irresistible piece.  You'll have everyone asking you to stop moving so that they can take in this perfection.

The bracelet is made from super chunky, solid sterling silver links.  Each one has been hand rolled, shaped, sawn and soldered by me.  The vintage button charm has also been soldered onto one of the links to ensure it's security.  The bracelet closes with a large bolt ring closure, which makes it very secure on your wrist.

The bracelet length is 203mm/8".  I am able to make this a little larger or a little smaller.  Just send me an email to discuss.

Your jewellery journey begins with a piece of Porsha Bella hand crafted wearable history.