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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



This button came from the Coco Chanel winter 1945-46 collection and was used on the Chanel bold coloured woollen coats released after the end of WW2.  The Chanel fashion house wanted to bring back life and colour to a devastated Paris and so colours were a huge part of that years collection.

Large gold and silver toned buttons also featured heavily on coats, jackets and ladies trousers.

The button has a lovely rough background texture, but the iconic Chanel logo is a smooth, shiny focal point centred on the buttons face.

I have hand set the button in a solid, heavy Sterling Silver setting, with a fancy pattern to the lower part of the bezel.

The band or shank is quite wide, but I've actually squared it, so as to make it more comfortable on the finger.  Fingers aren't round, so by making the band more square, it prevents the ring from spinning on the finger.  Clever hey.

This ring is meant to be seen.  It's a statement, vintage designer piece and is a complete one of a kind.  It has been designed and totally hand crafted by me, using traditional Goldsmith techniques.  You will be able to pass this piece down to generations to come.


Available in size 7  (USA/CANADA)

Available in size N 1/2 (AUS/UK/NZ)

Available in size 54 (France)


Your jewellery journey begins with a piece of wearable history from Porsha Bella Jewellery.