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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



Can you imagine having a piece of French history that celebrates someone special in your life that no other woman has?

Maybe your partner's name begins with the letter D.   Perhaps one of your children or Grandchild has a fabulous name starting with D.  Why not celebrate your own name that starts with the letter D.

You might be proud of your family name, starting with the letter D.

Whatever the connection, monogram jewellery is so in vogue right now.


The focal point of this charm in the Antique French monogram button.  This button was manufactured by Trelon, Weldon and Weil (T. W &W) Paris from 1855-1865.  It has been crafted in solid brass, but as was the fashion during this period, a copper like coating was applied to the front of the button to give it a lovely rose gold look.

This button is very rare and due to it's age and very good condition, it is one of my more expensive buttons in my collection.


In my quaint little 18th century French workshop, I have transformed this amazing French piece of history into a one of a kind charm.  The button has been fully bezel set in 100% solid sterling silver, with a lovely silver bead edge to add to the antiqued look.  There is also a Swarovski Crystal gem set in solid sterling silver dangling with the button.  This just adds to the wow factor of the charm.  

The charm is fitted with a full swivel Albert clasp, which makes it so versatile to add to your existing bracelets or necklaces.  Or, if you prefer, you can purchase the belcher link bracelet that is shown in the pictures.  You can find this as a seperate listing on my website.


You will notice, that the reverse side of the charm has been left exposed, so that you can see the original markers marque and you can be sure this is a genuine French antique.


Your jewellery journey begins with a piece of French wearable history.

***** Please note, this price is for the French antique button charm only.  The bracelet shown is available as a separate item on my website under the "bracelet" listings.****