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By Sarah: Hand Made In France




Imagine how you're going to feel, to not only be able to wear a piece of iconic, designer history, but to also be able to hand this piece down to your Daughter, Granddaughter, niece or Goddaughter.


This button was originally made for the fashion house of Chanel in the 1920's.  This style of button was made in many different colours to match the colourful fabrics of the blouse this button was made to compliment.  Because of the age of this button, it is now an extremely rare find.


I have given this little antique a new lease on life.  I felt it needed to be the centre of attention again, so I have hand crafted a solid sterling silver bezel setting to securely encase the button, but I wanted to tie in the gold tone of the logo, so I added a subtle 9ct yellow gold beaded edge to the setting.


For that little bit of extra glamour, I have also added a Swarovski crystal embellishment that hangs alongside the button charm.  It is also encased in sterling silver.  The charm is attachable, so you can take if off of the Swarovski black crystal bracelet and add it to your existing bracelets or chains, as to suit your mood.

The Swarovski crystal beaded bracelet is a stretch style, so it is designed to fit most wrists comfortably.


As with all Porsha Bella Jewellery, this has been made using traditional Gold/Silversmith techniques, genuine materials & precious metals, ensuring you are purchasing the very best keepsake.


Your jewellery journey begins, with a piece of wearable history, hand crafted by Porsha Bella Jewellery.


*Please note, you are purchasing the antique button charm, embellishment and the stretch beaded bracelet.  Any other jewellery items used in these photographs are purely for advertising purposes and are not included with this piece.