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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



Blue is the colour of the ocean and the sky.  It often symbolises serenity, stability, inspiration and wisdom.  It can be a calming colour and symbolise reliability.

Add in the factor of these buttons being genuine vintage Chanel and they are a must!


These buttons are from the Chanel, Paris fashion house and were originally produced in the mid to late 1940's.  They were part of the summer collection of more tailored and sculpted blouses.  I was fortunate enough to buy these from a lady in Paris, who's Mother had a passion for collecting haute couture buttons.  She carefully labeled each collection of buttons with descriptions and as much detail as possible.


The design for these was to have a lovely smooth rub over setting in solid sterling silver, but after I had finished, they honestly looked flat, plain and boring.  The buttons just didn't match a smooth setting.  So out came my tiny punch and a hammer, which I used to created a hammered finish around the setting.  Now, that's the look I wanted!

These earrings are more modern and edgy looking.  They are a departure from the classic Chanel style, which I like for a change and will certainly hit the mark if you'd love to own a designer vintage piece, but prefer something more modern.  The buttons have been pressed into a clear plastic and the design has been enamelled with such a lovely blue and gold.  Because the button is clear, it gives the illusion that the blue central design is floating.


They are 100% hand crafted by me, using only solid sterling silver and traditionally Gold/Silversmith techniques.  I hand craft the settings and the ear hooks.  The buttons are secured by hand punching the silver over the button, there is no glue or resin used.


These are a one of a kind pair of earrings & will be perfect to add a hint of colour to your wardrobe.

Your jewellery journey begins, with a hand crafted piece of wearable history by Porsha Bella Jewellery