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By Sarah: Hand Made In France



Do you have a significant person in your life with a name beginning with the letter "H"?  Maybe it's you or your partner.  Perhaps your first born has a name beginning with "H".

Have you been searching for the perfect monogram jewellery piece that stands out from the crowd?  Perhaps you would like to keep the original origins of monogram buttons alive.

You've probably never thought about the significance of monogram buttons, but they are just so steeped in history.

This French antique button dates back to the 1880's.  How unbelievable is that???

Antique French monogram buttons were custom made with either the family name first initial or sometimes they were the first and last initials of the nobleman of the house.  This button would have been used on the uniforms of the staff belonging to noble French houses.  Monogram buttons were often used by the stable boys and servants to identify which house they worked for.  I guess they were like the modern form of a company logo.  The nobleman of the house wouldn't wear the button, but would have cuff links or a ring custom made with the same symbol to represent his house.

Can you imagine which French noble house this button would have belonged to & who buttoned and un-buttoned it everyday?  What stories can does this button have.  My goodness, my imagination can run wild thinking about this.


The button is brass with the original markers marque still visible within the bezel setting.   The setting is 100% solid sterling silver, as is the bale.  I have used a brass backing to the setting so as to keep with the back of the button.  It has been made with a beautiful blend of the two metal colours.  The fob toggle is also genuine 925 Sterling Silver. 

I also made the black and gold beaded necklace using faceted black glass beads and little gold seed beads.  The joins are all made using sterling silver wire, so you don't need to worry about the necklace tarnishing over time.

I have made this necklace long enough to wear it at it's full length or so that you can double it up and wear it shorter, more like a choker style.


When you purchase one of my creations, you can rest assured that there is a person behind the design and the making of it.  I am a qualified Goldsmith/Metalsmith and I use traditional trade techniques when creating all of my pieces.  I do not use glues or non genuine materials.  You are also buying a one of a kind piece.  I do not make multiples of anything.


Your jewellery journey begins with a piece of wearable history created by Porsha Bella Jewellery.