Porsha Bella Jewellery

You're not just buying a piece of jewellery.
You're becoming the next custodian of a piece of French history.

Jewellery pieces that start conversations, where you have all the answers, as each creation comes with it's complete history.

Vintage Chanel Button Bracelet
Vintage Chanel Button Ring
Vintage Chanel Button Pendants

Precious French WW1 military medical uniform buttons & remarkable Napoleon's soldiers uniform buttons, recreated into stunning pieces of jewellery, also known as wearable history.

Napoleon Soldier's Uniform Button Pendant
French WW1 Medical Military Uniform Button Pendant
French WW1 Military & Air Medical Uniform Button Pins

Your favourite jewellery pieces are all hand crafted in France

My husband and I, completely renovated and converted a French bread oven building, circa 1796, into my purpose built jewellery workshop.

The value in every piece I

tracked shipping.

I only use precious
metals in all Porsha Bella
9 & 18ct solid recycled Gold and solid recycled Sterling Silver.

Sustainability. I only use
existing buttons in my creations.
This eliminates the
problem of fast
fashion and gives you a guilt free shopping experience.

Bonjour, I’m so happy you’re exploring my website.

My name is Sarah-Jane. I’m the founder, designer & creator behind the Porsha Bella brand of fine Jewellery. I’m a fully qualified Gold & Silversmith, with over 22 years experience. The Porsha Bella brand has been established since 2012.

My life’s passion was to create sustainable, meaningful jewellery, without compromising quality or style. I love being able to re-use long since forgotten buttons & breathe new life into them. Every piece is hand crafted using traditional Goldsmith techniques. From your very first Porsha Bella piece, you’ll fall in love with your new French antique button treasure and you’ll be left wanting more.

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If you don’t hear from me straight away, it may be a time zone difference. Please know, I will answer as soon as I’m back in my workshop.