Take your existing chains & bracelets from plain & boring, to next level French chic, with these incredible French antique & vintage designer button charms. These button charms actually make the perfect unique jewellery gift.

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“Delphine” Dragonfly button bracelet

You may think of crystal when you are first asked “what is the Czech Republic famous for?”  The world famous

“Estelle” Embossed Floral Button Charm

Attachable antique button charm.

“Lea” Louis Vuitton Button Charm

You’re probably very familiar with the Louis Vuitton brand for designing and crafting luggage, handbags, satchels, purses and wallets.  The

“Margot” Vintage Chanel Button Charm bracelet

You really can’t beat the classic crispness of black and white.  These two colours just go with any other colour

“Romily” Napoleon Crown Button Bracelet

A button that is over 200 years old.... incredible!


Honestly, how can you pass this up?  You need this in your life! Imagine seeing this incredible vintage Dior button,