Rings created using French Antique and Vintage Buttons, bring so much glamour to your right hand. How amazing is it to be able to look down at your hand & see French history, right there.

All Porsha Bella rings are crafted in solid Sterling Silver, or with 9ct yellow gold accents. These rings are a celebration of repurposing something to enhance it’s uniqueness.

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“Cecile” Chanel Antique Button Ring

Are you looking for an easy to wear, comfortable, everyday ring?  But you also want something really stylish, unique and

“Eloise” Antique Chanel Button Ring

Can you believe that Venice played a roll in this beautiful button being made? These buttons were the feature on

“Enrica” Black and Gold Crown button Ring

Genuine Italian Antique WWI military button.

“Marie” Vintage Parisien 1920’s mother of pearl ring


Vintage mother of pearl button ring.  Set in Sterling Silver (925)

“Patricia” Vintage Chanel Pearl Button Ring

Madame Coco Chanel is famous for her love of pearls.  In her opinion, pearls were the only accessories any woman

“Thérèse” Vintage French Turquoise Button Ring


Vintage boho silver and turquoise ring.


Dramatic Black, Gold and Silver!  That’s what this Vintage Chanel Button ring will bring to your hand… Drama! This Vintage Chanel


Don’t you love having a statement RHR (right hand ring)!  Do you like to change up your RHR regularly?  I