Can you even begin to imagine owning such an amazing piece of French history?

This button was once worn on the uniform of one of Napoleon's soldiers... take a moment to think about that.  Isn't it just incredible?  I have the most wonderful antique supplier in Lyon, who is also a qualified historian, so when he showed me this button and then told me the history, well I was hooked.  I had to have it.  He told me that each time Napoleon sent his soldiers into battle, they were given new uniforms.  A change of style and colour, but the one thing that remained is the crown on the buttons.  The design of the crown changed with every new uniform, but the symbol of the crown remained throughout Napoleon's Raine.  There's an incredible feeling attached to this button.  It feels powerful and awe inspiring.  It has a great energy too.  

Whilst working with this button, I wondered about the man that wore it.  What became of him?  Did Napoleon himself actually ever touch this button?  I personally think it belongs in a museum, but I'm grateful to have been able to lovingly restore and re-imagine it into a statement making pendant.  Completely hand crafted in solid Sterling Silver (925) using traditional Goldsmith methods, this crown is sure to start conversations.  I have left the back of the setting open, so that you can still see the original marker's marque.  This is so important for buttons to be dated and also adds to their value.  This button is from 1805, yup that makes it over 200 years old.  

This piece of wearable history also comes with this stunning, hand crafted, heavy linked Sterling Silver chain. I just love the mix of oval links with smaller round links. It adds interest and draws the eye.  It's a chunky chain, so it can certainly handle being worn every day.  All the links have been silver soldered closed, so that offers you a much more resilient necklace.  

The total length is 56cm or 21.5 inches.  See the photos to show the size of the pendant.

Your jewellery journey begins with a piece of wearable history, hand crafted by Porsha Bella Jewellery.

*Please note, the buttons used in all of my creations are second hand, antique or vintage, therefore they will show signs of their previous lives.  Some scratches, tiny dents, some enamel wear and even tarnishing.  I cannot guarantee the quality or longevity of these buttons.  In some cases there can be colour variations, and plating lift during the polishing process, this is unavoidable.  I'm unable to refund or replace buttons that break or crack.  Although I do put every button through rigorous testing to do my best to ensure their longevity.

Unlike costume jewellery, my jewellery is professionally hand crafted using traditional Goldsmith techniques and genuine, solid precious metals, so therefore you can wear your Porsha Bella pieces whilst swimming, showering and washing.  These activities shouldn't damage or discolour the precious metals.  I never take my jewellery off.  However, you may need to polish your jewellery a little more frequently if you want that shiny, brand new look.  If you treat your Porsha Bella creation, like the treasure of history it is, you should have an heirloom piece that will stand the test of time.  If you have any concerns about how to care for this piece, then please reach out to me and I can help you with tips on getting a long and happy wear life out of it. 

*Designer buttons have no affiliation with the brand or fashion house of their origin.  I do my best to ensure all designer buttons are genuine and from a reputable source.  Porsha Bella designer button creations are not sold on behalf of or in conjunction with the brand.  The designer buttons are second hand, vintage or antique, with all rights removed and protected by the second hand market.